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UMS JGEF Shirt Day

Urey Middle School


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September 20, 2022

Photo of  T-H-E  Shirt !  as it is PROUDLY worn at  “T-H-E  U”  (M.S.)

Thank you to the John Glenn Education Foundation & Sup’t Winchell for this awesome idea & great gift !

Let’s have a Debate !  Mr. Grove’s new elective = Leadership Class participates in a very close intense debate about whether the age of getting your driver’s license should be lowered ??  Students have been developing their leadership skills including how to debate in a calm, yet assertive manner with clear reasoning.

Mrs. Smith’s STEM classes are studying, identifying, & discovering different types of energy, including mechanical, kinetic, etc,  All while using their critical thinking skills to build roller coasters.   This has been a very good teamwork & communication activity as well.

Students in Mrs. Albright's 7th-grade science class are already working with the newly adopted Next Generation Science Standards! During this week's lesson on heat transfer, students observed conduction, convection, and radiation in action with popcorn! Three different methods of popcorn making were sampled and related to each type of heat transfer. (Overall, our students preferred the pan-cooked popcorn heated by conduction.

PTC (Parent Teacher Conferences) were held at Urey Thursday Sept 15 and Monday Sept 19.  All staff were present and many kids & their parents visited.  Staff worked to schedule as many conferences ahead of time, yet were still available to folks dropping in.  It has been an excellent start to the year.  Gr 7 students have very, very few low grades - they are focused and doing their job in the classroom.  Gr 8 is adjusting to the higher expectations and recently lowered their # of poor grades.  Our sports teams, Band & Choir, and all clubs have really good #’s and are displaying commitment to excellence (the norm at JGSC).

Staff recently completed PD reviewing ILEARN data with Dr. Fuller and myself on Monday Sept 12.  We have completed 2 PD nights already this year.  Our focus on the science of learning and efforts on best practices will hopefully pay off come April.  Thank you for your ongoing support !

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