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Belief and Vision Statements
Urey Middle School Belief Statement

All students are capable of learning.
All students have worth.
All students should be challenged academically.
All students should experience a variety of activities.
All students deserve a safe environment where they can apply lifelong guidelines and life skills.
All students need to be involved in school and community activities.

Urey Middle School Vision Statement

The Urey Middle School community provides an atmosphere where students are motivated to become life-long learners and responsible citizens. Students understand and apply National and Indiana State Standards at or above grade level. High expectations and the use of a variety of engaging learning activities encourage students to reach their full potential.

Attendance Procedures

Attendance Procedures

Reporting an Absent Student A parent or guardian must report all absences by calling 574-586-3184 (accessible 24 hours a day). If a student will be absent or late to school, it is important that we be notified by 8:15 AM. An absent student is also expected to bring a parent or doctor's note to the office before 8:00 AM the day they come back to school. Even if a call is made, it's advisable to send a note for the student's records.

Homework Requests

If you would like to request homework for your absent student, please do so before 8:30 AM the day they are absent. Requests will not be accepted after this time. However, students may check for each day's homework agenda via Harmony online.

Transfer Tuition Update

The John Glenn School Corporation does not charge a transfer tuition fee for out of district students, and is now accepting out of district transfer students. Interested parents/guardians should contact the respective school's office in which your child may be requesting enrollment.

Textbook Rental

Please keep your fees account up-to-date by making regular payments, which can be sent in with your student or paid online using a credit/debit card.

Late and Missing Assignments (ZAP)

Assignment Counted Late (No ZAP):

If a student does not turn in an assignment at the time it is due, the student will have until 8:00am the next day to get the assignment turned into the teacher.  If the assignment is turned in to the teacher by that time it will be worth 70% (of the grade earned) but it will NOT be sent to ZAP.  The grade will be entered with a “L” next to the score to show that the grade earned was due to the assignment being turned in late.

Referral to ZAP:

If a student does not turn in a missing assignment by 8:00am the next day, the teacher will send the assignment to ZAP.  Students do NOT have the choice NOT to do the assignment.  Teachers will not accept late work turned into them after it has been turned in for ZAP. 

Student Notification of ZAP:

Students will be notified of ZAP via intercom during announcements (right before lunch).  The announcement will include all materials the student needs to bring to ZAP to complete assignment (laptop, book, calculator, etc).  Students should always bring AR book in case they finish assignment before the end of lunch time.

ZAP Procedures:

Students will report directly to the ZAP room at the beginning of their lunch time.  Students in ZAP will be sent to the lunch room at the end of lunch, get a disposable tray, and return to ZAP room to eat and continue working.

Students who report to ZAP with the assignment completed will turn in the assignment to the ZAP supervisor and remain in the ZAP room for the entire lunch (once a student has been assigned to ZAP for an assignment it will be served).  Assignments given to ZAP staff will remain in the ZAP room until completed (students may not take the assignment with them to continue working on it).  Students will continue to get ZAP until they complete the assignment (may be in ZAP multiple days for one assignment).  Assignments completed in ZAP will be worth 70% of the grade earned.

Parent Notification of ZAP:

Every day a student receives a ZAP an email will be sent to their parents/guardians by the end of that day. Parents/Guardians can then log onto Harmony to get additional information about the assignment.

Laptop Rules & Procedures


  • Treat the computer/bag/tag/charging cord with respect. Treat it as your own.
  • Computers should stay in cases at all times.
  • Use the computer appropriately.


  1. Your computer should never be put into another bag (backpack, duffle bag, etc). Heavy items in these bags can act as a “paper weight” and damage your computer.
  2. Case – only computer and cord. NO books, binders, pencils/pens, calculators, etc. should ever be kept in the case. The carrying cord should be carried in the outside sleeve of your case. Exception – mice – You may bring a wired or wireless mouse of your own. The school is not responsible for any lost/damaged mice. Mice may be kept in the outside sleeve of your case.
  3. Lunch/P.E. – kept in your school locker unless told otherwise.
  4. School rules apply 24/7/365. Computer runs through school filter regardless if you are at school, home, grandma’s house in Ohio, etc.
    • LightSpeed filter send daily report to Mr. Maudlin and Mr. Brown on suspicious/inappropriate activity
    • Every website you go to is logged
    • Social media sites are blocked and therefore you are not allowed access.
  5. Computer must come to school fully charged every day.
  6. Bring computer to class unless your teacher tells you that it isn’t needed. In that case it must be kept in its case and in your locker.
  7. Accidental versus intentional damage. - Decision will be made by Mr. Maudlin and/or Mr. Brown if the damage was accidental or intentional. If it is determined that the damage was intentional you will be fully responsible to pay for the cost to repair/replace the part(s) or the computer. If it repeatedly ‘accidentally’ damaged, you may lose computer privileges and/or be loaned an older, much slower computer.
  8. Powering up/logging in – computer should be kept in HIBERNATE mode (NOT SLEEP mode) when not in use during the school day. Computers should be SHUT DOWN when not in use in the evenings and on non-school days.
  9. Storing your computer – Bags zipped shut and locked in your locker in HIBERNATE mode
  10. Football/cross country/track/wrestling contests/practices at JGHS – secure storage location at JGHS – directed by you coach, Mr. Brown or Mr. Maudlin
  11. Extra Curriculars – traveling to other schools – coaches will tell you of secure area to put your computer
  12. What to do if my computer doesn’t work/is broken...
    • On Line Help Desk from your computer, if possible.
    • On Line Help Desk from Media Center Help Desk computer, if unable to access it from your computer.
    • If your computer does not work correctly.... HelpDesk
    • If your computer has physical to office immediately (with staff member’s permission) to see Mr. Maudlin or Mr. Brown