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School is Open

Meet Our Board of Directors

John Glenn Education Foundation Team

We are privileged to have assembled a capable and talented team of individuals dedicated to improving the educational experience for our students in the John Glenn School Corporation.

  • Mike Daube, President
  • Gail Crone, Vice President
  • Vikki Miller, Treasurer
  • Kristan King, Secretary
  • Jennie Carey
  • Sarah Chapman
  • Mary Ann Christensen
  • Damon Groves
  • Lisa Harrington
  • Jan Hayes
  • Maggie Hesters
  • Mike Pease
  • Cathy Reese
  • Lisa Rizek
  • Matt Sarber
  • Amy Strong

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Chris Winchell, JGSC Superintendent
  • Bob Borlik, School Board Member

Executive Director:

  • Fay Flournoy