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pdf 2024 Budget - Capital Projects Plan Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.87 MB)

Capital Projects Plan 2024 Budget.pdf

pdf 2024 Budget - School Bus Replacement Plan Popular

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Download (pdf, 4.60 MB)

Bus Replacement Plan 2024 Budget.pdf

pdf Building Corporation Meeting 5.25.23 Popular

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Download (pdf, 184 KB)

Building Corporation Meeting 5.25.23.pdf

pdf Execution of Lease 6/7/2023 Popular

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Download (pdf, 28 KB)

Execution of Lease.pdf

pdf Form 3 Notice to Taxpayers Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.60 MB)

Notice to Taxpayers 2024 Budget.pdf

pdf High Ability Program Plan Popular

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Download (pdf, 173 KB)

JGSC High Ability Program Plan Revised May 2023 .pdf


pdf JGSC Greene TWP Resolution Popular

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Download (pdf, 5.44 MB)

JGSC Greene TWP Resolution.pdf

default JGSC Surplus Auction Popular

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pdf Notice of Additional Appropriation Hearing Popular

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Download (pdf, 79 KB)

Notice of Additional Appropriation Hearing GO 2022.pdf

pdf Notice of Adoption of Preliminary Determination Popular

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Download (pdf, 79 KB)

Notice of Adoption of Preliminary Determination.pdf

pdf Notice of Determination Popular

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Download (pdf, 26 KB)

Notice of Determination for 5.10 and 5.17.pdf

pdf Notice of Hearings Popular

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Download (pdf, 812 KB)

Notice of Hearings.pdf

pdf Notice of Public Hearing - Salary & Benefits Popular

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Download (pdf, 90 KB)

Public Hearing Superintendents Contract 2022 (1).pdf

pdf Notice of Public Hearing - Tentative Agreement Popular

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Download (pdf, 397 KB)



pdf Notice to Bidders for 7 11 and 7 18 Popular

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Download (pdf, 113 KB)

Notice to Bidders for 7.11 and 7.18.pdf