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Introducing AFQuickClaims® from American Fidelity!
If you have a cancer, critical illness, accident, or disability insurance policy with American Fidelity, you could receive benefits from eligible claims in as little as one day when you're enrolled in direct deposit.

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Get Started:
When you submit the following claims through or AFmobile®, eligible claims receive quick processing:
  • Diagnostic testing benefits for cancer policy
  • Wellness benefits for accident only policy*
  • Health screening benefits for critical illness policy
  • Physician expense benefit for disability policy
This means you can receive your money faster!

To use AFQuickClaims, make sure your online account is set up at or download AFmobile today. 

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Access your account anytime - Register for an online account now! Download AFmobile® from the App Store® or Google Play™.

Regardless of your lifestyle, accidents can happen without warning. The financial costs can be overwhelming.

AF™ Limited Benefit Accident Only Insurance is designed to help you cover some of the costs associated with treating a covered accident. This plan pays benefits directly to you.

You may receive a benefit for:
  • Anesthesia
  • X-rays and MRIs
  • Transportation
  • Emergency and non-emergency treatment
  • Inpatient confinement

Watch This Video to Learn More About Accident Insurance:

For more information about how Accident Insurance can help, visit or  contact your American Fidelity account representative.

Would your family have enough money to support themselves if you suddenly were not there to provide for them? Life insurance may help with the financial obligations left to your loved ones like your mortgage, college tuition, other debts, and daily living expenses.

  • Death benefit amount is generally tax free, paid directly to beneficiaries.
  • A policy you own: Take it with you if you leave employment.
  • Coverage options: You can choose between AF™ Term Life Insurance, AF™Whole Life Insurance, or both.

Watch This Video to Learn More About AF™ Life Insurance:

For more information about Life Insurance, visit or  contact your American Fidelity account representative.

Surviving a critical illness may come at a high price. With AF™ Limited Benefit Critical Illness Insurance, you can help pay for expenses that may not be covered by traditional major medical insurance if you or a family member experience a covered illness like a heart attack or stroke. That way, you can focus on healing instead of the cost of your care.

  • Choose the coverage amount that best suits your needs.
  • Receive a benefit for covered annual health screenings.
  • If you leave your current employer, you can take your policy with you.

Watch This Video to Learn More About Critical Illness Insurance:

For more information about how Critical Illness Insurance can help, visit or  contact your American Fidelity account representative.

From treatment to non-medical expenses, like travel and lodging, a cancer diagnosis can be financially devastating. And, it could happen to anyone. Being prepared for the unexpected can make all the difference.

AF™ Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance has 30 benefits specifically designed to help provide financial support for cancer treatment. Benefits are paid directly to you, helping you pay for expenses like copayments, inpatient stays, and house and car payments.

Example Benefits May Include:
  • Annual screening benefit
  • Chemotherapy
  • Experimental treatment

Watch This Video to Learn More About Cancer Insurance:

For more information about Cancer Insurance, visit or  contact your American Fidelity account representative.

Are You Financially Prepared for a Medical Emergency?If an unexpected medical event were to happen, could you cover the out-of-pocket medical expenses, plus your regular living expenses, and everything else that adds up?

Major medical insurance plans are designed to pay a large portion of your medical costs. But with a high deductible plan, you must pay out of your own pocket until you meet your deductible and plan maximum.

That's where AF™ Limited Benefit Hospital Indemnity Insurance, or
AF Hospital Assist™ can help.

The plan pays benefits directly to you if you're hospitalized or experience a covered accident. 

Help pay for your stay

Prepare for the unexpected

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For more information about hospital indemnity insurance, contact your American Fidelity account representative.